Risk Statement

  • Purchasing TTS Token ($TTS) involves substantial risk and may lead to a loss of a substantial or entire amounts of money or other assets involved.
  • Prior to purchasing $TTS, potential holders should carefully assess and take into account the risks.
  • Purchasers should not purchase $TTS token for speculative or investment purposes.
  • Purchasers should only purchase $TTS token after fully understanding the nature and inherent risk.
  • The regulatory status of cryptogenic tokens and digital assets is currently unsettled in many justisdicitons and is subject to significant uncertainty.
  • Future laws, regulations, policies, or rules relating to cryptogenic tokens, digital assets, blockchain assets and technology may be implemented which could directly or indirectly affect TTS holders.

Limited Liability

  • As the holders of TTS tokens, it is important to understand that the TTS platform operates as a decentralized ecosystem, and the ownership of TTS tokens does not confer any ownership rights, equity, or control over the platform or its operations to the token holders. Furthermore, the owner of TTS tokens shall not be held liable for any actions, transactions, or disputes that occur between users on the TTS platform.

Token Classification and Disclaimer

  • TTS tokens are not intended to be considered as securities, financial assets, or legal tender. They do not represent ownership in the TTS platform, nor do they have any inherent monetary value. The sole purpose of TTS tokens is to provide an incentive and utility within the TTS platform. The owner of TTS tokens acknowledges and understands that holding or utilizing TTS tokens does not grant them any legal rights or protections under securities laws or any other financial regulations.

User Responsibility

  • Users who acquire and possess TTS tokens are solely responsible for their own actions and decisions regarding the use and management of the tokens. The owner of TTS tokens assumes all risks associated with the use, storage, transfer, and disposal of the tokens. It is the responsibility of the token holders to comply with any applicable laws, regulations, or taxation obligations that may arise from their use or possession of TTS tokens.

Legal and Financial Advice

  • The holders of TTS tokens are strongly advised to seek independent legal, financial, and tax advice regarding the acquisition, use, and regulatory implications of holding and transacting with TTS tokens. The holders should ensure compliance with any relevant laws and regulations applicable to their jurisdiction.
  • Note: It is essential to consult with legal professionals to ensure the accuracy and compliance of the disclaimer with local regulations and laws, as this section provides a general statement and may require customization based on specific legal jurisdictions.

Important Notice

  • Please use caution when interacting with anyone who claims that they represent TTS and the TTS token ($TTS).
  • Check and VERIFY all links, email addresses, website address and social media handles carefully.
  • Feel free to contact us directly at anytime twitter.com/TTS_Token for questions or if something seems suspicious.
  • TTS will NEVER ask for your passwords or private keys.

This whitepaper does not constitute any investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or recommendation by TTS, its affiliates, or its respective employees, advisors, or consultants purchasing TTS token.

This document and any other documents published in association with it, relate to the launching of TTS Token ($TTS) to certain qualified persons (purchasers) in certain jurisdictions and in respect of the intended development and use of the TTS Token ($TTS) by founders and affiliates. This document is not endorsed by any government authority and is subject to change.