Shuginite EMF

Shungite EMF protection: how it works, proof and science study

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Part I. What is EMF and how does it affect a person?

Shungite emf protection – how does it work? Shungite can protect against EMF for two reasons. First, it absorbs EMF radiation. And secondly, at the same time shungite reflects EMF fields. These properties are called radio shielding properties. It is on these two fundamental principles that all radio-absorbing materials work. After all, the EMF wave is both an electric and a magnetic field. Therefore, emf protectors are constructed from such constituent parts that can absorb and reflect the electromagnetic fields. And in shungite, these two qualities are present at the same time for real emf blocking. In this article, we will talk about what EMF radiation is, how shungite emf protection works, scientific evidence and the use of shungite against emf radio frequency and from 5g radiation.

What is EMF?

Electromagnetic field

The EMF fields is a collection of e-waves. The EMF waves are alternating electric and magnetic fields propagating in space. Moreover, they change at the same frequency.

Where does the EMF come from?

Electromagnetic waves arise during the accelerated movement of electrical charges. In doing so, they generate a magnetic field. Therefore, if any mechanism runs on electricity, then it will always emit electromagnetic waves. Also, electromagnetic waves can occur when even the smallest molecules of atoms or their nuclei move. This happens when they transition from one quantum state to another. For example, this is nuclear decay in the sun. Or a nuclear chain reaction in a nuclear reactor at a nuclear power plant.

The most basic spectral characteristics of EMF waves:

spectral characteristics of EMF
  • Wavelength (the distance between two points in space closest to each other, at which oscillations occur in the same phase)
  • Frequency (how many times per second the magnitude of the electric and magnetic fields changes at each point in space)
  • Photon Energy (is the energy carried by a single photon)

An interesting observation is that Wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency. That is, the long wave will have a low frequency and the short wave will have a high frequency.

What are the sources of EMF radiation?

Sources of emission of EMF waves are:

1) Natural sources of EMF:

  • Сonstant electric and magnetic fields of the Earth
  • Radiation from the sun – the visible spectrum of light

Earth’s natural electric and magnetic fields do not harm our health. However, sometimes the voltage of these field changes, for example, with excessive magnetic activity in the sun. This in turn disrupts the earth’s magnetic field. Meteorologists call this phenomenon magnetic storms. These storms are harmful to people with coronary artery disease. Therefore, experts always warn weather-dependent people about such storms. However, not everyone knows about this feature of their body. Therefore, they attribute headaches and a rapid heartbeat during magnetic storms to other causes.

2) Artificial sources of EMF:

  • High voltage power lines frequency (from 50 Hz and 60 Hz)
  • Monitors and video displays (3-30 kHz)
  • Radio communication and broadcasting (30 kHz – 3 MHz)
  • Industrial induction heaters, RF heat sealers, medical diathermy equipment (30 kHz – 30 MHz)
  • FM broadcasting (30-300 MHz)
  • Television, mobile phones, microwave ovens, medical diathermy equipment (0.3-3 GHz)
  • Radars, satellite communication lines, microwave communication (3-30 GHz)
  • Various radio equipment of the microwave and EHF ranges (3–300 GHz)

The EMF level from artificial radiation sources in places of their intensive use can significantly exceed the natural background radiation, more than 1000 times. As a rule, in his daily activities, a person deals with radio frequency fields, which are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum


The Electromagnetic Spectrum

What is the difference between ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation?

Depending on how the EMF acts on the substance, there are two types of radiation:


It is X-ray and Gamma radiation:

  • Nuclear Plant
  • Medicine: X-ray room and tomographs


The fact is that ionizing radiation carries such a strong energy that it can break cellular bonds in matter. This is the most life-threatening EMF radiation. In living organisms, this causes radiation sickness and tumors. And leads to genetic diseases.

On the contrary, non-ionizing radiation cannot do this. Because it doesn’t have that much photon energy. In everyday life, you will not encounter ionizing radiation. Unless, of course, you only work in enterprises related to this type of energy. Therefore, you do not need to worry about ionizing radiation.

How does EMF affect the body?

The body absorbs emf fields, which then begin to interact with the internal fields of a person – with electric and magnetic. As a result, various biological changes occur in the body. Science describes the available data on the effect of EMF on cell membranes, the structure of some proteins, and the electrical activity of neurons. As a result, scientists have noticed that the effects from EMF are not always purely thermal.

There are two types of body exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

1) Violation of the mechanism of communication between cells.

As you know, there is such a communication mechanism between the cells of the body as ionic conduction. Thanks to her, cells exchange nutrients with each other, and also remove waste products. The bottom line is that, for example, low-frequency waves are capable of disrupting this ionic conductivity of cells.

Imagine that when a body absorbs EMF waves, its own electrical charges begin to oscillate. As a result, an additional internal EMF field is created. In response to this, the internal resistance of the cells increases. This means that energy is lost, and ionic conductivity is disturbed.

Violation of ionic conductivity means a deterioration in the movement of nutrients into the cells of the body and the removal of metabolic products from them.

Exposure to low intensity EMF on children.

Back in the 70s, our [soviet] outstanding scientist Mikhail SHANDALA, who at one time headed the Kiev Institute of Communal Hygiene (now it works in Moscow), conducted an important study on the effect of low-intensity EMF on children. The study took place in three regions of Ukraine. For three years, they monitored children aged 6 to 14 who lived in the coverage area of the radio station.
The radiation intensity was low, about the same as in our region of Ostankino, it was about the units of volts per meter. And we got the following: a low-intensity chronic effect on children affects their cognitive functions, their learning ability, and the formation of the functions of the central nervous system. There was also a slight tendency towards cardiovascular depression. But the saddest thing is that children do not reach their mental capabilities. This is the only thing that distinguishes EMF from all other harmful factors. It is called biotropic, and if present, it interferes with the normal functioning of the body.

Oleg GRIGORIEV, Director of the Center for Electromagnetic Safety, Deputy Chairman of the Russian National Committee for Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation, member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the WHO International Electromagnetic Project [4]

2) The electrical harmony of water molecules and proteins in the body is disrupted.

In our body, molecules have their own electrical symmetry. Its state reflects the dipole moment. When the body absorbs EMF fields, its molecules begin to vibrate. Basically, this is water and proteins. They begin to vibrate at the absorbed frequency of the wave. As a result, the dipole moment changes. In turn, there is a violation of the electrical symmetry of water and proteins. Further, there is rotation and friction of molecules in a viscous medium. What causes tissue heating [1].

As you know, the adult human body consists of 60% water. But the newborn is already 90%. And modern medicine agrees that changes in the structure of intracellular and extracellular water lead to negative consequences. These include metabolic and functional changes in the cells themselves.

Let’s give an example of the negative impact of EMF on the human circulatory system. The moment the electromagnetic field enters the body, it affects the movement of charged particles in the blood. As a result, electromagnetic fields are created around the heart and major blood vessels. Thus, the movement of blood slows down a little. The consequences can be from minor changes in the heartbeat. Before pathological changes in heart rate.

Which organs and systems is affected by emf?

Over the past fifty years, many researchers have devoted their scientific work to the biological effects of EMF on living organisms [2]. They identified the most vulnerable organs and systems:

  • Hematopoietic system
  • Central nervous system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Reproductive system
  • Brain
  • Neuroendocrine system
  • Immunity and metabolic processes

Also, Siekierzynski H. M. and co-authors (1987) [3] revealed a carcinogenic effect on the soldiers of the Polish army who served the radars. This applies to both microwave and ultra-long frequency ranges. They found a higher incidence of cancer (primarily leukemia).

What frequencies are most dangerous for human?

The biological effect of EMF radiation depends on:

Wavelengths (or radiation frequencies)

Generation mode (continuous, pulse)

Conditions of exposure to the body (constant, periodic; general, local; intensity; duration)

The fact is that when low-frequency waves act on the body for a long time, it weakens the ionic conductivity of cells. However, in general, the biological activity of EMR decreases with increasing wavelength (or decreasing frequency) of radiation.

the most dangerous frequency range of the non-ionizing spectrum for humans and living organisms

At the same time, the most dangerous in the conditions of ordinary life are high-frequency waves carrying high energy. These are frequency ranges from high to ultra-high frequencies. When exposed to high frequency waves, the ionic conductivity of cell membranes is significantly increased. At the same time, the capacitive resistance of the cell membranes decreases. Therefore, the energy of EMF waves easily penetrates the body and accumulates even more in it. And the higher the frequency of the EMF waves, the more energy the body absorbs. There is a cumulative effect of emf. And thus, EMF causes significant harm to the body.

Why a phone emf is harmful: accumulative effect.

A cell phone can cause an accumulation of EMF waves in the body. After all, when talking on the phone, the brain absorbs two-thirds of the EMF energy. According to research by the Russian Center for Electromagnetic Safety [4], the danger arises if you talk on the phone for more than an hour a day. In this case, the body accumulates an excessive amount of EMF radiation. If you must talk a lot, use a headset. And on the phone, you can glue a shungite emf protection plate that absorbs emf waves. More about how to use shungite plates for your phone. More on how, shungite material can block cell phone radiation we will explain further in this article.

Also, it is dangerous to talk on the phone in the car for a long time. Because the iron body of the machine does not release waves. In addition, when moving, mobile communication stations change, and the phone begins to actively search for a signal. And then the radiation is amplified. As a result, emf radiation accumulates and the body absorbs it excessively like a sponge. Further, heating occurs, as well as various biological effects.

Is the radiation from a Wi-Fi router harmful?

A Wi-Fi router emits radiation, as it transmits data using EMF waves. Wi-Fi router operates at a frequency of 2.4-6 GHz. If there are several routers in the house, then their traffic is added together. As a result, their EMRs will add up. Thus, EMF radiation is increased. And as a result, the body increases the absorption of EMF. If you were asking yourself how to get rid of EMF in my house, then natural shungite will help you, for example, place a shungite pyramid next to a wi-fi device. Because shungite stone absorbs radiation from the wi-fi router.

natural unpolished shungite stone pyramids for EMF protection


The shungite pyramids for EMF protection with a unpolished surface

Do microwave ovens give off radiation?

A microwave or microwave oven has a special magnetron device inside. It converts electricity into an ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field with a frequency of 2450 MHz or 2.45 GHz. EMF waves cause food molecules to rotate at a rate of one million vibrations per second. Next, friction is created, which heats the food.

The hermetically closed door does not let out waves. But over time, the doors can lose their tightness and after 5 years the oven can become a source of emf waves. To eliminate the negative effects of the microwave, it is enough not to approach it closer than 20 inches when it is working. You can also protect yourself from the radiation of a microwave oven or refrigerator using a shungite plate.

How EMF frequencies affect people: summary.

Thus, we found out that when a person enters electromagnetic fields, his body begins to absorb EMF waves. The EMF radiation energy affects the natural electric and magnetic fields of a person. As a result, low-frequency EMF waves cause disruption of the ionic conduction of body cells. Hence, metabolic processes in the body are disrupted. And high-frequency waves, on the contrary, with their powerful energy enhance the ionic conductivity of cell membranes. As a result, the body absorbs even more EMF energy, and the effect of accumulating radio waves in the body arises. In turn, this can change the structure of water inside a person and his proteins. Collectively, this has broader biological implications than just thermal effects.

Part II: How work shungite emf protection?

What material can block EMF?

As you know, EMF radiation can only block such material that can reflect and absorb the electrical and magnetic parts of the EMF wave. Such materials are called radio-absorbing materials. They are used to make screens for blocking EMF, emf blocking paint and so on. Their principle of operation is not similar to the work of a blank wall. After all, EMF radiation can pass through almost any obstacle, they can travel any distance. They even come to us from space.

Look, an electromagnetic wave interacts with all material objects in three ways:

  • Passes through the object
  • Absorbed by the object
  • Reflected from the object

And if some materials are highly reflective or absorbent, then they are suitable for screens against EMF. Composite screens are assembled from them. Since one material has only one property. Looking ahead, let’s say that a unique shungite stone has two properties at once in the fight against EMF radiation.

How EMF protectors work?

Materials protecting against emf are divided into:

  1. Diffusers. They reflect the EMF wave. This works by reducing the intensity of the incident and reflected waves. The intensity of the wave energy decreases due to multiple re-reflections from conducting microstructures in the material – flakes, nanoparticles.
  2. Absorbers. These are materials that absorb radio radiation. Inside them, microwave radiation is converted into thermal energy, which is due to dielectric and magnetic losses.
  3. Combined. They combine the properties of scattering and absorbing materials.
  4. Interferential. In them, the intensity of the EMF radiation is damped due to the superposition of waves with a phase difference.

How does shungite stone absorb EMF radiation?

shungite pendant with the image of an owl


The shungite engraved pendant Owl with on a shungite plate. White inclusions in shungite stone are quartz, and yellow ones are pyrite.

Shungite is an emf protector stone, it is a natural composite that has the properties of absorption and dispersion of EMF waves. These protective properties are associated with its unusual structure. The structure of shungite is a quartz matrix (made of silicon dioxide) inside which carbon flakes are scattered. This is a special carbon of the highest allotropic form containing fullerenes and other nanoparticles. In addition, the quartz matrix is doped with micro-sized metals. Therefore, shungite can block EMF radiation.

Shungite stone structure


The structure of shungite stone in a scanning electron microscope: Scanning area – 100 * 100 microns, resolution – 0.3 nm, magnification – 300,000 times. Arrows show a silicate framework made of finely dispersed quartz, 1–10 μm in size and uniformly distributed carbon [5].

It is known that the mechanism of absorption of electromagnetic radiation is based on the excitation of eddy currents in a conductor and its scattering in a dielectric. Therefore, shungite blocks EMF, because it is a natural combined composite: shungite carbon conductor + quartz dielectric [6].

Shungite EMF Research.

The protective properties of shungite stone have been studied by many scientists and analyzed in various researches. The shungite EMF protection properties were measured using very precise and expensive scientific equipment. Shungite studies were carried out in the UHF range from 8 to 70 GHz [19]. As a result, it turned out that shungite has a very high level of electromagnetic protection. Shungite almost completely absorbs microwave radiation even with a stone thickness of hundreds and even tens of microns [7, 8, 9, 10, 11].

The shielding ability of shungite is confirmed by patents of the Russian Federation and the United States (patent of the Russian Federation No. 2255866 from 2005), US Pat. No. 6818821 from 2004, US Pat. No. 6937184 of 2005).

Moreover, in shungite, the shielding ability increases with an increase in the frequency of electromagnetic oscillations, while in metal structures it decreases from frequencies above 5 GHz [12].

Let us cite as an example study the shungite emf protection of the Russian candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Rodionov V.V. He proofs that natural shungite absorbs microwaves in the 12.6 – 40 GHz range from 9.5 to 44.5 dB [13].

Graph of measuring the reflection coefficient of EMF radiation from shungite


Shungite EMF test

There are also many studies of shungite-based protective composites against EMF [14, 15, 16, 17]. Based on which, the shungite emf protection in the range of 0.5-18 GHz with a shielding efficiency from –10 dB to –30 dB has been proved [18]. Also proof the high efficiency of shungite shielding of microwave waves in the UHF range from 8 to 70 GHz [19].

Conclusions from research on the protective properties of shungite.

Summarizing the research, it can be noted that the EMF shungite protection is explained by its complex structure. First, it increases dielectric loss. This means that the wave in shungite dies out. Secondly, the energy of the electromagnetic field is scattered on carbon structures and in a silicon framework.

After all, the structure of shungite has such distinctive features:

  • High initial conductivity [19].
  • The development of the nanoscale structure and its porosity.
  • Contains carbon of a special allotropic form, as well as nanoparticles of c60 fullerenes, c70 fullerenes, fullerites, monocrystalline graphite and graphene [20].
  • Silicon matrix with various dielectric dopants of natural origin.
Molecular structure of shungite stone depicting fullerenes с60


Nanodiffraction electron diffraction pattern of shungite carbon in the form of spherical multilayer fullerene-like globules, 10–30 nm in diameter, obtained by TEM: probe – 0.3–0.7 nm, electron beam energy – 100–200 keV, beam radius – 10 nm) [21].

Also in another study [31], doctors of physical and mathematical sciences Zavodinsky Victor G. and Kuz’menko Alexander P. made a quantum-mechanical calculation of the electronic structure of the C60 fullerene. As a result, it was found that upon contact of C60 fullerene fragments with silicon dioxide particles (quartz), special complexes arise. They have a metallic character of the density of states at the Fermi level. In this case, a feature of such complexes is that the conducting regions are adjacent to the dielectric regions. That, in turn, can cause absorption and dissipation of microwave radiation. And, for example, we observe this phenomenon in natural mineral shungite.

How does shungite work against EMF at the structural level?

Reflection and scattering of the EMF wave in shungite works at the structural nanoscale. The EMF wave passes through shungite and is attenuated in it due to the loss of dielectric resistance due to the silicon frame. In its turn, shungite also absorbs EMF radiation due to eddy currents in conducting layered carbon nanoparticles of fullerenes and fullerites. Wherein, multiple re-reflection of EMF waves occurs in lamellar carbon nanoparticles. In this case, the dissipation (conversion of particle energy into heat) of microwave energy will increase. This will happen precisely due to multiple passages of waves inside the shungite carbon nanoparticles.

How are EMF waves reflected in the structure of a shungite mineral


Image of a shungite stone in a scanning microscope. Scheme of the work of reflections of EMF radiation from shungite carbon flakes. Multiple reflections of the EMF wave are observed between the carbon flakes of shungite.

Therefore, complex absorption mechanisms work in shungite, which depend on the structure of shungite. Fullerenes C60 and other nanocarbon inclusions in shungite operate at the level of nanoscale electromagnetism. Which is significantly different from classical electromagnetism. Thus, science has proven the ability of shungite to absorb EMF waves, and reflect, as well as scatter waves in its thickness [22, 23, 24].

Thus, science has proven shungite EMF protection properties of shungite, it can absorb radiation, and reflect, as well as scatter waves in its thickness.

Part III: How work shungite 5G protection?

What is 5g radio frequency and how is it different from the EMF?

EMF radiation is electromagnetic waves that add up to an electromagnetic field. As we already know, different waves have their own range (wavelength and frequency). 5G waves are also EMF waves, only of a special range.

The name 5G stands for a new standard for mobile communications. It differs from the current 4G standard in terms of frequencies and high productivity. For the transition from 4G to 5G, they will first use the 4G infrastructure thanks to frequency refarming.

Peak download speed1 Gigabit/sec20 Gigabit/sec
Download speed for users10 Megabit/sec100 Megabit/sec
Delay10 milliseconds4 milliseconds (1 milliseconds for URLLC)
Maximum travel speed without signal loss350 km/h500 km/h
Connection density100 000 devices/km21 000 000 devices/km2
Traffic per unit area0,1 mbps/m210 mbps/m2
Comparative characteristics of 4G and 5G networks (decryption mbps – megabit/sec).

What frequencies are used for 5g?

For 5G, two new frequency ranges of electromagnetic waves have been allocated:

1) Frequency Range 1 (FR1)
These are electromagnetic waves with a traditional frequency from the sub-6 GHz range (2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz and 3.7-4.2 GHz). They will carry the data stream over long distances.

2) Frequency Range 2 (FR2)
The second, high frequency wavelength range will effectively transmit data over short distances. The fundamental novelty of the 5G standard lies precisely in the introduction of the second band. FR2s start at 24 GHz, going up to ~ 50 GHz and higher depending on the country and operator.

For example, for the United States, these are 24 GHz, 28 GHz, and the upper bands 37 GHz, 39 GHz, and 47 GHz. Bands above 95 GHz are also considered [25].

5g dangers: too many non-ionizing EMF radiation transmitters and receivers.

The danger of the 5g radiation range is the high frequency of the waves and the large number of transmitters. After all, Frequency Range 2 is high frequency electromagnetic waves. They have a very short wavelength – millimeter. Therefore, they efficiently transfer data over short distances. And due to their high frequency, they can carry a huge amount of information. However, they have a low penetrating power, so they quickly go out.

Radio frequency 5G near me: what are small cells?

EMF waves of the second 5g range are less resistant to interference and obstacles generated by the environment. Therefore, the coverage radius of each base station will decrease. In this regard, a denser infrastructure will be required, consisting of the so-called Small cells. This means there will be many 5G receivers in an urban environment. Most likely, they will appear on lighting poles, walls of buildings, public transport stops. They can also be made in the form of a simple object – an advertising lightbox or a trash can.

The essence of the 5G standard is the introduction of the second range (millimeter wavelength range of high frequency EMF) to achieve large volumes and speed of data transfer.

Why is 5G technology harmful?

  • Many 5g transmitters that transmit high frequency waves.
  • High frequency waves are the most dangerous for humans and other living organisms.
  • Due to the large number of receivers, different 5g waves will overlap each other. Their frequencies will overlap and result in a stronger electromagnetic field. This means that the electromagnetic field will be much more absorbed by the human body due to the cumulative effect.
  • The human body will absorb more emf waves from the 5g range, which will lead to various negative biological effects.

How to protect youself from 5G radiation.

Spectrum of 5G radiation


Electromagnetic spectrum of 5G frequency range

Since 5G requires a large abundance of receivers around it, the classical protection by time and distance from the amp becomes more difficult. And so there was a heated debate around 5G technology. Also, see more about 5g technologies here. However, blocking 5g radiation is still possible. After all, 5G waves are the same EMF waves, which can be protected from using special radio-absorbing materials. These materials have proven protective properties against EMF radiation. Such materials include shungite stone from Karelia containing fullerenes. It is a natural composite that provides 5g radiation protection. This is a scientifically proven fact. In addition, based on shungite, special radio-absorbing materials are created that protect against non-ionizing microwave radiation. Therefore, shungite can provide active protection from 5g radiation in conditions when there are many transmitters of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation of 5g frequencies around.

Part IV: The use of shungite in life for protection from EMF fields.

Shungite based products protecting against EMF radiation.

Currently, many research institutes and organizations are conducting research on the EMF and creating protectors from the EMF [26]. They are radio-absorbing materials, usually composites with a complex structure. Their production is quite expensive, so developers are looking for cheaper and simpler designs. It is often necessary to cover large areas for shielding from electromagnetic fields. In this regard, there has long been an interest in affordable unique shungite from Karelia (Russia). Because this stone exhibits effective and affordable shungite emf shield benefits.

For example based on shungite from radiation, various materials are created that protect against electromagnetic fields:

  • shielding paint based in shungite powder [27]
  • Finishing materials (tiles, floors) [28]
  • Cement with inclusions of shungite powder
  • Building boards made of shungite impregnated particle board
  • Anechoic chambers for special studies
  • Military technology
  • Treatment rooms

In this case, the main principles of shielding electromagnetic signals are the redirection of vibration energy due to reflection from surfaces with geometric inhomogeneities. As well as absorption of waves inside shungite based materials.

Scientific patents for shungite based EMF shielding materials.

Various organizations have investigated the radioprotective properties of shungite and have created EMF protective materials based on them. At the same time, they patented the technology of their production. To obtain a patent, an invention must be novel, have an inventive level, and it can be applied in industrial production. As an example, we will cite several registered patents for protection against EMF, finishing materials based on shungite.

  • Shungite based material absorbing EMF waves: US Pat. No. 6818821 dated 2004 [32]
  • A protective shield against the effects of electromagnetic radiation and a method of its manufacture. Patent №2234176 -2002, Scientific and technical innovation enterprise “Girokont”.
  • BUILDING MATERIAL FOR SHIELDING OF PREMISES. Dry mortar for the protection of technical equipment and people in medical, industrial, scientific, administrative and residential premises from the effects of ionizing radiation. Patent No. 2388715, 2010 ALFAPOL LLC.
  • Dry composition based on shungite for obtaining materials with a unique combination of properties (shungilite) RU 2540747: “National Research Technological University” MISiS “.
  • A composite material based on shungite and a method for its production. Facing tiles that reduce the level of radiation, radio transparency and increase antiseptic and biocidal properties. Holders of the patent RU 2405749
  • WOOD-CHIPPING PLATE with shungite powder. Utility model patent number: RU 137500 U1 Russia, 2013. FSUE “Petrozavodsk State University”.
  • DEVICE FOR PROTECTION AGAINST ENERGY IMPACT. Protection against radio emission of a wide range from household appliances, mobile phones, etc. Patent number for a useful model: RF No. 2255866. 2009 OOO “Multitekhnologii”.

Medical and military technologies for stopping EMF waves using shungite.

Also, the protective properties of shungite are used in treatment rooms for shielding from EMF radiation. It is useful for the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure. For example, in St. Petersburg, such medical chambers have been made at the Russian Military Medical Academy.

In addition, with the use of shungite, it is possible to create a room into which neither a sound wave nor an electromagnetic one can penetrate. There will be no echo in it, and such a room is called an anechoic chamber. In it, you can record a music album or test high-power radar antennas. Such a large-sized camera (30x18x9 meters) was made by the scientific institute of the military concern Almaz-Antey in Russia. The EMF blocking frame of such a camera was completely made of material with the use of shungite stone.

Thus, shungite-based radio-absorbing materials are used in the construction and decoration of premises. To ensure electromagnetic safety in residential areas, at workplaces located near sources of electromagnetic radiation. And, also for protection against X-ray radiation of medical equipment [30]. In addition, EMF uses the protective properties of shungite in materials for medical and even military purposes.

Shungite EMF benefits.

Most importantly, the advantages of natural stone are that the shungite EMF protection properties of the stone are manifested even at the smallest thickness of the mineral. As we described above, a thin shungite plate with a thickness of 10 to 50 microns was used to study the screening properties of shungite stone. This is even less than the thickness of a human hair (and it is 50-100 microns). At the same time, shungite stone provides almost complete (40 dB and more) absorption of both low-frequency and high-frequency radiation. This opens wide opportunities for the use of EMF blocking paint based in shungite powder. And shungite products in the form of pyramids and spheres or cubes located everywhere will help to make an EMF blocker for home.

Shungite emf protection set for home pyramid, sphere and cube


The shungite products for EMF protection with a polished surface.

Part V: The ability of shungite to screen the EMF depending on the carbon content in it.

Polished shungite pyramid vs elite shungite stone


Shungite pyramid polished surface and nugget of elite shungite stone

Elite shungite vs black classic shungite stone

At present, we can distinguish shungite by the concentration of carbon in it. For example, the researcher Borisov P.A. distinguishes five varieties depending on the carbon content: Shungite-I or another name is elite shungite (75% ÷ 98%), Shungite-II (35% ÷ 75%), Shungite-III (20% ÷ 35%), Shungite-IV (10% ÷ 20 %) and Shungite-V (less than 10%).

Abobe all according to the results of multiple studies, shungite of the third type with a carbon content of 20-35% has a high efficiency in absorbing and reflecting EMF radiation even in comparison with shungite with a high carbon content. At the same time, it is this type of shungite from Karelia that was massively investigated on the EMF properties. This makes it possible to successfully use this type of black shungite for protection against EMF radiation in a wide range of non-ionizing radiation frequencies.

Scientific research of shungite powder against emf.

shungite emf protection powder


The shungite powder

Firstly let us give as an example a large study of the microwave properties of shungite from the Zazhoginskoye deposit (Republic of Karelia, Russia) with a carbon content of 33.62%. This scientific research was carried out by V.V. Rodionov [10] in his dissertation for the degree of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.

The researcher took sample No. 1 of shungite in the form of powder from the zazhoginsky Deposit with a carbon content of 33.62 %. And sample # 2 was obtained from the same shungite, only all components except carbon were removed from it, bringing the carbon concentration to 95-98%.

graph of studies of emf properties of shungite powder depending on carbon concentration


The data on the amplitude-frequency characteristics of sample №1 of natural shungite in powder (carbon concentration 33.62%) and sample №2 of the same natural shungite in powder (carbon concentration 95-98%). Sample No. 2 was obtained from the same shungite powder of the first sample by removing all inclusions, except for carbon, with hydrofluoric acid.

The result of studies of shungite shielding properties.

During the research, it was found that, shungite carbon in shungite from the Zazhogino deposit is completely identical to shungite carbon of the first type (anthraxolite or elite shungite with a carbon content of more than 98%) [10, p. 85].

Scientist noted that shungite sample No. 1 with a carbon content of 33.62% absorbed microwave radiation very effectively. At the same time, there is a slight difference between the indicators of the two samples in the form of oscillations. Herewith the presence of a high level of microwave absorption of natural shungite in the initial state is due to a rather low electrical conductivity (~ 1 S/m). In turn, this causes an increase in dielectric loss (since there is non-conductive quartz) [10, p. 117]. And in the second sample with a carbon content of 95-98%, a slight increase in the level of reflection of EMF waves was observed. Together, it also absorbed waves due to multiple reflections and absorptions in layered carbon structures.

Absorption indices of emf waves for shungite with different carbon content


Data Frequency response of the transmission coefficient S21 of EMF radiation of samples №1 and №2 (absorption of the EMF wave)

In conclusion, there is no significant difference in the complex phenomenon of absorption and reflection of EMF waves between samples №1 and №2. Therefore, shungite stone from the from the world’s only deposit Zazhoginskoe from Karelia (Russia) is actively used in industry to produce various blocking materials.

How to use shungite for emf protection?

In short, shungite can be used to protect against EMF in those places where the highest EMF and 5g radiation comes from. Usually these are Wi-Fi routers and a place near your home computer. Next to them you can put a shungite pyramid, a sphere or a cube to absorb EMF radiation. Or you can just put a shungite product next to it. And, of course, a shungite protective plate for your phone against EMF, for example, with engraving, will suit you, and the same pendant to protect yourself. In our online store from Karelia (Russia) you will find only real shungite from the Zazhoginskoye deposit. Meanwhile we confirm this with our certificates. And we manufacture a wide range of shungite products. And in order for you not to encounter fake shungite, we made this review.

Shungite set for home cube and sphere, pyramid


The shungite products for EMF protection with a unpolished surface

Resume for shungite emf protection.

So, summing up, we figured out the issue of shungite EMF protection and 5g. Indeed, many scientific studies of the properties of shungite have been carried out, primarily in order to use it to protect from emf fields, including on an industrial scale. Of course, the researchers studied shungite and realized that it has the most important qualities for protection against EMF, because it can absorb and reflect EMF waves. The phenomenon of shungite stone is not limited to its protective properties, it has many other benefits, for example, antioxidant properties. However, in shungite there is still a mysterious secret of fullerene c60, this amazing molecule, which is credited with properties on the verge of living and inanimate matter. If you liked our article, then we will be glad if you share it with your friends with a link to our website.

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